How well do you Know Your Zone?

About Flood Insurance

  • Your normal homeowners or renters policy does not protect you from flooding. Learn more HERE
  • It typically takes 30 days for a new flood insurance policy to go into effect, so purchase or renew your coverage now. Learn more HERE
  • An average flood policy costs around $640 a year, and rates start at just $129 a year for qualifying homes in moderate-to-low-risk areas. Learn more HERE
  • Even if you live in a moderate or low-risk flood zone, it’s still important to have flood insurance. People outside of high-risk areas file over 20% of National Flood insurance program claims and receive one-third of disaster assistance for flooding.

True or False...

Floods are the most common and most costly natural disaster.

  • This is TRUE! Flooding costs more money and impacts more people than every other natural disaster. Learn more HERE

The average flood claim is less than $35,000.

  • If you guessed “FALSE,” you are right! The average flood claim between 2007 and 2011 actually exceeded $35,000! Learn more HERE

Everyone lives in a flood zone.

  • Believe it or not, this is TRUE! Everyone lives in a flood zone; it’s just a question of whether you live in a low, moderate, or high risk area. Learn more about your risk HERE

You are 4x more likely to experience a flood than a fire in a high risk area.

  • This is also TRUE! Over the course of a thirty year mortgage in a high-risk flood zone, you are four times more likely to experience a flood than a fire. Learn more HERE

Know Your Zone is designed to increase flood zone awareness and to increase enrollment in the National Flood Insurance Program. No organization, including MSD, covers the losses incurred by overland flooding. MSD encourages all customers to protect themselves and look into whether or not they should obtain flood insurance through their homeowners, renters or other insurance policy. Learn more HERE

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1. Do you have flood insurance?  Uncertain No Yes


2. Do you live near a body of water (even a small creek or backyard stream)?  Uncertain No Yes


3. Are you aware of whether or not you live in a flood zone?  Uncertain No Yes


4. Has your home ever flooded?  Uncertain No Yes


5. Were you offered flood insurance along with your homeowners or renters policy?  Uncertain No Yes


6. Do you believe that you need flood insurance?  Uncertain No Yes


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